Well, this is unfortunate

Welcome to my cursed browser terminal demo of the fortune files I have created.

Read more about my fortune databases.

Serial console

Wait for the virtual machine to boot (it may take a few seconds), and then use this serial terminal to interact with it.

It may take a moment to load this terminal...

What is this?

This is a demo that I (Micah) am using to let you play with some fortune databases I made. It boots a real Linux kernel inside your browser! What. Technology, man.

See the source code and build instructions for this site.

This is really booting a Linux kernel in Javascript, thanks to the incredible (and incredibly cursed) v86 project. You can play with other operating systems and more over on its website.

The Linux image I am using was built from the very helpful browser-vm project, and you should check out the really cool demo.

Can this be embedded in a web page?

You're god damned right it can. On this site is also published a little iframe.html. Here's how I use it to embed the emulator inside my fortunes project home page.

    title="How Unfortunate"
    style="width: 1000px; height: 500px;"